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Mascot Video

Mascot Video works with brands, agencies and organisations to use video effectively in the marketing mix.



Sam Howson spent three years running a department in a global digital agency which gave him the tools and language to work effectively within a marketing context.  Video has a serious part to play in marketing but using it well requires clearly defined aims and a developed strategy.  Mascot Video partners with key stakeholders to build a digital video strategy, perform an audit, then produce recommendations along with best practice.  Bringing in additional digital marketing experts when required.  Extensive experience with startups, corporate, as well as large organisations and industry.





Once Mascot Video has developed the strategy, we are then able to make recommendations for creative, from large campaigns to snackable hygiene content.  Developing each idea based on data and research.  Each campaign is different and knowing what needs to be achieved from the outset means we know whether to hire a full film crew or create a brief for user generated video.  From corporate B2B video to brand campaigns we apply best practice and our experience to all work.  Mascot has experience in hostile environments, producing international campaigns and working with contributors as young as three and as old as 99.



It's important to look at the data following a video launch, to see how they're performing against the initial strategy and KPI's.  Mascot Video tests, learns, and refines each project to make sure we get the best value.