Google develop hardware to enable creation AND consumption of VR

Google are about to release some hardware that will allow the creation and consumption of VR… #VR180


It will give the option for creation AND consumption of VR to be a much smoother experience.

I would also argue that a lot of lower end creators/ smaller brands who create 360 tend to favour the horizontal line and pretty much ignore the vertical anyway.

360 still feels a little gimmicky (outside of apps and gamification) and this may of course be the same, but panoramic imagery in it’s basic form has been around a long time:
Wikipedia – The device of the panorama existed in painting, particularly in murals as early as 20 A.D. in those found in Pompeii, as a means of generating an immersive ‘panoptic’ experience of a vista, long before the advent of photography.

So that ‘novelty’ certainly hasn’t worn off.

The camera is being launched in ‘winter’ and we are keen to get our hands on one to test fairly quickly.

Abi Howson

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