Oliver's Travels

Mascot developed a content strategy along with Oliver's Travels to bring personality and real families into their brand.  Following researching their existing content and audience, we focussed on one segment and targeted them specifically using nostalgia and identifying the well worn mantra; 'happy child, happy holiday'.  We developed Hero content to raise brand awareness, Hub content to encourage engagement (which has lead to families creating user generated material) and hygiene content to answer some questions luxury holiday makers often want answered.  See some examples below;

Show reel from Jellyfish 2016 - Sam Howson developed/ directed/ produced all projects

A profile shoot with artist Claudine O'Sullivan

Bill Laurance - Aftersun.  Music Video

Staveley Head 'We Get it' Campaign

Developing the creative to support a wider campaign I produced three separate videos and supporting assets to add authenticity and real people.

Watch one example;

I produced all moving content for award winning campaign
I produced all moving content for award winning campaign


Working with an agency, we produced and developed six videos which took us all around the US and Belize.  Working closely with each contributor we told their stories of personal change.  The videos were used within a display campaign, on landing pages, paid media and social - which included YouTube, Facebook, a New York Times homepage take over, email marketing etc.