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Video Strategy

Video Strategy

Getting to know you & performing a landscape & social audit helps ground the video strategy in data and fact.

Looking at successful campaigns that you & your competitors have performed provides a solid foundation to build on.

Working with your comms or marketing team, Mascot learns your marketing aims, understands the lay of the land and provides suggestions in how to effectively use video throughout your marketing funnel. So often organisations make videos in silo, led by campaigns, budget or something else. But when a comprehensive video strategy is implemented, joining up with existing aims and used across platforms the effectiveness of each video, and video as a whole increases dramatically. The otherwise preventative ROI on one poorly planned video can grow into a clear focussed area for an organisation.

Please get in touch with your requirement Whatever shape or size

  1. We can set up an initial meeting
  2. Understand what you’re wanting to achieve with video
  3. Creation & editing of work
  4. Delivery of all assets
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