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Hostile Environment Filming


Mascot created a group of assets to build out a channel of video content requiring filming in hostile environments.

It was key to communicate the uniqueness of the task & challenge of the work often misunderstood & misrepresented.

Jellyfish Livewire identified Optima were in a position where video would significantly aid their marketing efforts and overall growth.

Filming in an hostile environment with all of it’s constraints was a challenge. Working closely with the team we captured the men’s work day in Mosul, Fallujah and Baghdad, Iraq. Our videos highlighted the complexity and the skill required to deconstruct an ISIS made IED. We built a relationship with the (mainly ex-military) operatives and local Iraqi workers to film with them in a more traditionally broadcast documentary format. This meant that they were able to describe the work they did in a relaxed way. The audience gained insight into the complex work and environment, the individuals bravery, personality, ability and experience.

The Mascot Video team now has experience of working under pressure, going through culturally different airports, road checkpoints, working with armed soldiers, security, police, militia, filming under pressure, building a rapport with soldiers as well as victims of war. Mascot can effectively film in any environment understanding best practice when using security.

Steps taken with Optima & Jellyfish Livewire include:

  1. Initial meeting to discuss brief with both agency and client board
  2. Recommendations based on previous large projects & development of ideas and suggestion of assets, within the constraint of filming in an hostile environment
  3. Creation & editing of work
  4. Delivery of all assets
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